Photo by Darko Vaupotic

Vinyl junkie. Spinning electronic music with some guitars too..

Presently Le Chocolat Noir holds DJ residency at Channel Zero club in Ljubljana (SLO). Past residencies were at venues in Zagreb in Sirup, Aquarius, Tockica and also at Skwhat Club in Sisak. Almost complete list of past gigs can be viewed here.

Besides his current Disco Panonia radio show on IFM, Le Chocolat Noir was a host to a radio show on Elektrana Radio (Exit Festival) called ‘Les Tendances Sadique’.

His DJ mixes were played on former Cybernetic Broadcasting System (CBS), Welt am Draht and the Ministry of Sound Radio. He was as well the guest of the Twen FM from Berlin, DJ Xed’s ‘Elektrologija’ show on Cibona Radio and at different shows on Radio101 from Zagreb, mostly in Kon:Med’s legendary Borderline Music.

Formerly known as YAS.

Booking – DJ set:

-minimal wave/synth/oldskool EBM set

-chicago/acid-house/techno set

-electro/electro-funk set

-italo/disco/HiNRG set

-eclectic/crossover set

DJ promo mixes

LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Technological World tracklist

Download/listen to Technological World Vol1, from acid-house via electro to techno..check tracklist for details.

LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – This Magic Moment (2011)

This mix was recorded in February 2011 for the Zagreb based Dot That Spot online magazine.

LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Love UR Leader (2011)

This mix was recorded in January 2011 for Protokol Crew (Zagreb).

For more (old) DJ mixes + radio shows go to MIXCLOUD and DISCO PANONIA IFM PAGE


LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Black Wave (2013)

Black Wave In The Mix

LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Robots Like To Dance Too (2003)